Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded

Finally, I've mustered the resolve to type up the review for Kingdom Heart Re:Coded. The game itself is definitely playable. I'm not to inured in the storyline of the KH series, so I won't go too in-depth with the story. Basically, you play a boy named Sora, who is tasked with clearing out Jiminy Cricket's journal after it has been possessed by viruses and glitches, represented by an infinite amount of cubes. Story elements are conveyed through either cutscenes (which look fantastic and are fully voiced acted), or slideshow-esque conversations. The action in the game is fairly straight-forward and designed well. Jumping from platforms is annoying sometimes; the auto-jump feature'll frustrate you. The enemies are varied, but they come in waves and battle can become quickly repetitive. There are several types of special moves that come in elemental flavors, which you can edit from the Command Matrix. You level up Sora through microchips dropped in battle or found, which unlock abilities and increase your attributes on the Stat Matrix. There's also a Gear Matrix for equipment (only the keyblade, overclocks and accessories can be changed). The touch screen is mostly used as a map, rendering it essentially superfluous.

+ Looks great, cutscenes, lore bonus for fans of the series
+ Customizable moveset
+ Battle system is fun
+ Disney humor

- Environments are somewhat lackluster
- Platforming is frustrating
- Battle is repetitive
- Boxes, boxes everywhere

Overall, the game would be fairly average on a console like the ps2, but on the DS, it's fresh and rather engrossing once you invest a bit of time into it. The boss levels add some new mechanics, but for the purposes of this review, I played through to the second boss. (The side-scrolling second boss level pissed me off.) Anyways, the game is fun enough, but I think fans of the series will enjoy it much more than I did.


  1. I loved kingdom hearts on the ps2, but these spinoffs are getting a bit lame now.

    Great blog, first post I saw was a franchise I know and adore. Followed.

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  4. My sisters got this, she doesnt shut up about it >_<

  5. Awesome review. Following for more goods to come!

  6. I absolutely love my nintendo DS thanks for sharing!

  7. awesome havent played kingdom hearts in a while lol

  8. Im a big fan of the series lol, but I dont think I will be playing this. It looks to much like a replay of KH1 for the ps2 with a little virus twist added to it so they have an excuse to port an old game directly to the Ds!