Saturday, April 16, 2016

Dungeons and Drawings, session 2

The party was drawn in by the wiles of a snake-oil salesman, and victimized by a thief.

We tracked them down. Some of the party stealthed in, but the ranger and I tried a more groundbreaking method.

Raptor-Ranger distracted the enemy via beheading while I mopped up the rest.

Hypno-toad got scammed into buying a PTSD ostrich, while the normal people chipped in to buy a cart and horses.

The bandits holding a duke hostage were fooled by illusory gold. Too bad for them, our weapons were all too real.

Abigail snuck into the hostage room, and panicked the guards, sending them directly into the path of a warhammer fueled people's elbow.

I was immediately ensorcelled by the bandit's mages, but a combination of missile spam and raw destructive power saved the day!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Boom! And just like that I'm back. I'm going to be uploading some doodles from one of the D&D campaigns I play in so I can link the pictures to a forum, so have fun looking at my dumb drawings!

Here are the first few:

Our party, Moraa the Missile Mage, Baccara the Smashing Sneaker, Abagail the Warty Witch, Gatsu the Whirling Warrior, and Dar the Smelly Shapeshifter.

We've done well our first few battles.
A run-in with a horde of zombies and some really bad luck almost ended the streak of victories.

One more of my character, thematically based on Guts from Berserk.

SPRÜKITS Master Chief Review (Transferred from my other blog)

Hello, today I'll be reviewing Bandai's SPRÜKITS Master Chief, a level 2 kit with 109 pieces.

I picked him up at a local K-Mart for $22. 


The kit comes on five runners, three grey, one green, and a gold one for his face-shield. Construction is divided into his head, his torso, arms, and hips with legs; all instructions are full color illustration with no words.

The build is relatively simple, not requiring glue or paint. There is battle-damaged detail on his chest that could use some paint, but he looks fine without. All the pieces stay together really well, and the joints hold up to moderate posing without coming out of the sockets.

He's decently posable, but has some limits in his hips and forward/upward movement for his head. In order, he has: ball-joint head with a hinge at the collar, Figuarts style shoulders with a hinge forward, ball in cuff with hinge, bicep swivel, single-jointed elbow, and a ball wrist that pulls outward for full range of motion (hands include fists, gun holding hands, and a left splayed open hand). There is a poly-cap waist joint with good forward and back movement and swivel, but it is restricted side-to-side. The hips are Figuarts style as well, with a pull-down hinge-ball-swivel joint. He lacks a thigh swivel, but has nice double knees and somewhat limited ball ankles.


His assault rifle and pistol are nice, but the holding hands come apart in half then are put back together around the weapon. There is an optional peg on his back for the rifle to mount, and a clip for the pistol on his hip.


Chief stands about 5 inches tall. Pictured here next to a Marvel Legends, a McFarlane Chief, RevolMini Solid Snake, a Figma, and a Mega Bloks Spartan. The joints on mine are pretty sturdy. Heavier weapons like the sword below are taxing, but he'll hold a pose just fine.


Overall, SPRÜKITS Master Chief is a decent, if rather easy model kit, and a fun figure. I think he looks pretty good for a basic kit, but the price is a little steep compared to the McFarlane Spartans, which are much more detailed, but lack a lot of this kit's articulation. Putting him together took me around an hour without sanding down any nubs or doing any painting. Master Chief is a great first entry in this line, and I can't wait to try out Bandai's future releases, and maybe some of those higher grade kits they've shown. Thanks for reading my review; see you next time!