Friday, September 21, 2012

Halo 4 Series 1 Elite Zealot

     Finally getting around to reviewing it, the Elite Zealot from the upcoming Halo 4. What can I say, he's pretty badass. He's taller than your average elite, and sporting some pretty sweet armor. It reminds me of a crab's shell, orange and spiky. He's got pretty good articulation, as well, but can't hold his sword worth a damn.

 He's got four eyes sculpted into his helmet.
And four mandibles on his jaw.
 The arms are articulated at the shoulder, elbow, a swivel and a hinge at the wrist, and his two fingers move. Head moves as well, at the top and bottom of the neck.
 The energy sword is pretty awesome, too bad he can barely hold it. None of the other figures from the first series can hold it either.
His legs have weird articulation, but it works, because this Elite can actually stand on its own.

 His back is covered in plates of armor, adding to the new organic look of the Covenant troops. The Covenant's going green this time around.
 Dat ass.
He's got a peg for his sword on either leg, but it's so big it looks out of place.
 Everything about this figure is finely sculpted, especially the armor pieces.
 Party time!

 Bring it on.
Overall, a really good figure to add to your collection. Look for upcoming reviews of the other three in the series.