Monday, February 7, 2011

Ghost Trick

This game - - - For the first time in at least five years, I booted up a game and played it for twelve hours straight.
+ The premise puts you in the boots of a recently deceased amnesiac man (although there are many occasions where they comment that ghosts don't need boots), trying to solve his own murder and has you beating foes with timed wrecking balls and saving innocents from giant chicken dinners.
+ The characters, though sometimes slightly generic and overly dramatic (Mr. Justice Minister) all stand out as individuals that mesh together the story.
+ Animations are fluid and honestly beautiful.
+ The music fits the title well and hardly ever gets old.
+ The puzzles are well designed and flow naturally from start to finish.
- One particular puzzle, Chapter 9, is painful to attempt.

I'm just now about halfway through Chapter 10 as a result of 9's difficulty, but Ghost Trick is managing quite easily to be possibly one of my favourite titles on the DS.

P.S. Ghost Trick and Phoenix Wright were directed by the same guy. woot!


  1. oh man i love the DS as well as this game.

  2. Ohh...i think ima have to try this now.

  3. hmm never heard of it before, looks interesting.

  4. will look into it for sure, thanks for the info

  5. Sounds amazing, I will check it out!

  6. I have heard good things about this game. On a slightly unrelated note, have you heard that a Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright crosover game is coming out? Can't wait.

  7. Great sounding game, I might have to try it out.