Saturday, April 16, 2016

Dungeons and Drawings, session 2

The party was drawn in by the wiles of a snake-oil salesman, and victimized by a thief.

We tracked them down. Some of the party stealthed in, but the ranger and I tried a more groundbreaking method.

Raptor-Ranger distracted the enemy via beheading while I mopped up the rest.

Hypno-toad got scammed into buying a PTSD ostrich, while the normal people chipped in to buy a cart and horses.

The bandits holding a duke hostage were fooled by illusory gold. Too bad for them, our weapons were all too real.

Abigail snuck into the hostage room, and panicked the guards, sending them directly into the path of a warhammer fueled people's elbow.

I was immediately ensorcelled by the bandit's mages, but a combination of missile spam and raw destructive power saved the day!

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